Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ice-Out Pike Part II

After a semi successful day yesterday, I decided to try my hand at some more pike action today. The weather was once again spectacular along the shores of Lake Ontario. I hit the water in the late afternoon and it was amazing to see what another day of sun and warm weather can do. The ice retreated a great deal overnight and there was much more open water to cast cranks.

Yesterday, I did something which I never do when I am heading out, and that is forget my camera in the car. I think I was to excited to hit the water. After landing my one fish yesterday, I ran back to the car to get it and naturally there were no more fish to be landed after that. I didn't make that mistake today as I had it ready for a photo opp.

After some time I once again hooked into a pike in the 30" range. As it got close to shore, I reached for the net and as I was going to scoop it up into the net, it gave one last head shake and it spit my lure and returned to the mirky depths. After many casts over the last couple of days, I figured out that the most effective presentation was to jerk it 2 or 3 times followed by a very long pause. It was usually during this long pause that they would inhale the unsuspecting crankbait. A few times I could actually feel some pecking going on and I knew it had to be a fish since I was not running bottom as my bait was suspending in the water column.

My next encounter proved to be interesting as this particular pike managed to cut right through my fluoro leader. It must have followed the bait as I reeled in. All I remember is a splash followed by a slight weight on the end of the line. Then as I tried to set the hook, it rolled a couple of times and then all of a sudden I was left holding a rod with a stretch of dangling Power Pro in mid air. At first I was mad and then I thought I lost my Rapala Husky Jerk but then I saw it floating on top of the water. I quickly used my net to pull the water towards me as I made every attempt to save my ten dollars. Call me cheap or smart, I prefer the latter. Needless to say, today would have been the day to have waders on as I got a slight soaker. In the end I did however manage to save my lure so I was happy but still angry at having been sliced off.

After being patient, I was confident I would hookup before the day was over and sure enough I managed another 30" pike that went about 8 lbs. This time all my previos efforts were in my favour as I was able to net it and quickly release it after a photo.

Ice-Out Pike Part III to come in the near future.

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