Friday, March 12, 2010

Bass Pro Shops Spring Fishing Classic

Earlier this week I was looking at the upcoming weather forecast, and the outlook up to at least the end of the weekend is for rain, so I figured that the pike action would be slow. Therefore I opted for my backup plan and that was to head up to Bass Pro Shops at Vaughan Mills for the first day of their annual Spring Fishing Classic Sale. Upon my arrival I wasn't surprised to see the parking lot full right at opening. When I got inside it was very busy and most of the traffic seemed to be at the reel counter for the trade-ins. As with most experiences there, you can never find someone to talk to when you have a question.

I originally only went up for a couple of things on my list for the upcoming season, but as everyone knows you always pick up a few extra things that aren't on your list. Here's what I picked up for under $300.

- Cotton Cordell lures
- YUM baits that included wooly beavertails and stick worms
- Rapala SXR-14
- XPS double bladed Musky bucktail spinner
- Jitterbugs
- 12 lb Seaugar Fluoro Leader
- 8 lb Maxima Fluoro Leader
- 50 lb Spider Thread
- Seat hardware and new pedestal seat
- Large Net
- My favorite item there, various bags of Jack Link’s

As there are daily door crashers and ongoing deals throughout the classic, I see myself making a few other visits there.

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