Monday, February 27, 2012

Deer Grazing

I haven't seen a lot of deer grazing over the winter in my backyard. Not sure if it's due to the mild winter we have had, or wether its due to the shrinking greenlands in our area. It seems all available greenspaces in the Durham region are being snapped up by developers for either residential or commercial purposes.

So, it was a nice treat to wake up this morning and see six deer grazing. A great way to start the morning off, but it also reminds me of crucial our greenspaces are and that we should make every effort to conserve all of mother natures resources.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

SAIL & SLAMMERS A Winning Combo

I finally made it to SAIL in Oshawa yesterday to spend my $100 gift card that I have been saving since before Christmas. It was the ideal day to go shopping as the VIP event was on, and that meant no sales tax. Normally it would be difficult for some to decide what to spend it on, but for me it was a very easy desicion. I spent my gift card on $100 worth of SLAMMERS and SWAMMERS. I am now partially stocked up for the upcoming open water season.

I love the selection of XZone products that SAIL carries, far more then any other store. The only thing disappointing about them is that they are more expensive then at another store I usually purchase them at but when you are buying on a gift card, you really can't complain.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Florida Fishing Blues

I recently went to Florida with my family for a week and believe it or not, I did not fish. I myself find that hard to believe being right on the water but one week just isn't enough time to get everything in. I enjoyed doing things with my wife and daughter so it was a very enjoyable trip despite not getting any fishing in.

I did visit some local tackle shops and was fortunate enough to pick up some Alabama Rigs. I got a Yumbrella Rig made by YUM in the Foxy Lady colour and an original Mann's Alabama Rig in Pearl Black colour. Can't wait to rig them up this summer with my favourite SWAMMERS.