Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2011 Rice Lake Bass Season Recap

The 2011 fishing season has come and gone, and already, I am looking ahead to the opening of bass season in 2012. I had my best year ever on the waters of Rice Lake. I caught more fish and they were also bigger in size. Once again my most successful bait this season was the XZone SLAMMER. This bait is hands down the best drop shoting plastic on the market. Not only is it an effective bait for bass, but I also caught perch, crappie and walleye with it. Once again I'd like to urge everyone to conserve our waterways and practice CPR, catch, photo, release. All these fish were released and maybe I will be fortunate enough to catch one of them during the 2012 season.

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  1. Hey there, love your blog, very informative with great photos. Glad to see you having success on Rice Lake. I always have difficulty finding bass in numbers on Rice. I usually have limited to no success, its one of my least favourite lakes even though it is a great fishery.