Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Uni Knot: The Only Knot You Need To Know

The Uni Knot system enables you to learn just one simple knot and adapt it to virtually any need. It is a versatile knot which can be used for: tying a hook, attaching a swivel, attaching line to your reel and even joining two lines together. The Uni Knot works well with braided lines as well as with monofilament, and it's by far the best way to tie high strength and small diameter braided lines. It's also a great knot to use when fishing in the dark since it's very easy to tie.


1) Pass the line through the eye of hook and double back parrellel to the standing line. Form a loop by laying the tag end over the double line.
2) Make 5-6 turns with the tag end around the the double line and through the loop.
3) Moisten the line and pull the tag end tight to snug up the turns.
4) Slide the knot down against the eye and trim the end.

From my experience I have never had any breaks using this knot. The strength of the Uni Knot isn't compromised when the line is pulled with a jerk or twitch, rather than with steady pressure. Some knots, which test at more than 90% on a steady pull, will break at 50 or 60% if subjected to severe and sudden jolts, which may happen when a big fish surges boatside.

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